Our Mission

Customised innovations for your hydraulic structures

Hydroplus® is a subsidiary of VINCI, the world leader in concessions and construction. For over 20 years, Hydroplus® has been inventing, designing, manufacturing and installing independent, reliable and economical hydraulic equipment worldwide, to meet the challenges of the growing demand for water (drinking water, hydropower and irrigation) and to protect populations and infrastructures from floods.

Hydroplus® has invented equipment that increases the storage capacity and safety of dams, as well as providing better flood control for dikes°:
- Classic Fusegate®
- Folding Fusegate®
- Smart Fusegate®
Hydroplus® distributes and installs Hydroliennes®, which enable life to be quickly restored to eutrophic water bodies, in partnership with Aerolac®, a Vinci company that designs them.

Hydroplus is distinguished by a customer approach based on consulting and the understanding of the technical issues and challenges of each project. The outstanding quality of its work is evidenced by numerous international awards.

Hydroplus offers Main Contractors and Project Managers the most advantageous solutions in terms of cost, performance and safety, from the project design stage to the installation of turnkey structures.

Mas Chaban Dam - France
Jindabyne Dam - Australia