Increasing dam safety against gate's failure

The Hydroplus fusegate system installed in addition to the electromechanical gates allows a failure of these gates to be mitigated, hence preserving the dam's safety against extreme floods.

Guaranteeing the safety of the dam in case of malfunction of the valves

The malfunction of structures with gates has been the cause of many incidents, some of which went as far as leading to the breaking of the dam, after failing to properly discharge large floods. Installing fusegate devices in addition to these gates allows the failure of these sensitive devices to be compensated for. It is an economic and reliable solution, particularly in the case of new dams, since this safety device is included as from the design of the dam.

Safety of the Lom Pangar dam – Cameroon

Installing classical fusegates will enable the spillway capacity of the Lom Pangar dam in Cameroon to be maintained in the event of failure of one or more gates.