Hydroliennes enable eutrophic water bodies to be destratified in an ecological, natural and economic way, restoring life to the ecosystem.

Operating principle of the Hydrolienne®

The specific design of the device allows rotation of the wind turbine even in the case of very weak winds driving the underwater propeller. The underwater propeller can be positioned 0.25m to 1.50m below the surface of the water, depending on the depth of the water site. The vortex motion created by the rotation of the submerged propeller suctions the bottom waters by a radial and axial flux and causes them to rise to the surface. This water circulation action makes it possible to destratify, homogenise and replenish the oxygen of the water, thus promoting the biological activity of the water body enabling it to return to an appropriate ecological balance.

The effects of the Hydrolienne

An increase in dissolved oxygen,
- Homogenising the pH and the temperature,
- Fostering biological activity and the biodegradation of organic matter,
- Regulate the development of plant production,
- Limiting bad odours,
- Favouring silt settling,
- Reducing nutrients,
- Improve the transparency of the water.

The Hydrolienne® is a process developed by Aerolac , a subsidiary of VINCI. Hydroplus® is the exclusive distributor and installer of the Hydrolienne® (outside of France) for Aerolac.