Restoring life in an eutrophic water body

The Hydroliennes® enable eutrophic water bodies to be destratified and their oxygen to be replenished, restoring life to the ecosystem in a natural way.

Restoring life to the ecosystem

The nutrient enrichment of surface water due to human activity, especially with nitrates and phosphates, leads to an overconsumption of the oxygen available in the water bodies. Without treatment, this lack of oxygen leads to the growth of algae, bad odours, fish mortality and to the death of the ecosystem in general.

Hydroliennes® are a natural and economical ecological alternative to the treatment of water bodies by injecting oxygen by means of electromechanical compressors. The movement of their propeller, driven only by the wind, creates a vortex that accelerates surface oxygen exchanges and the replenishment of the oxygen in the deep layers of the lake.

Effect of Eutrophication