Beaver Dam

Owner : County of Orange

Beaver Dam, formerly known as Salisbury Mills Dam, is located on the tributary of Moodna Creek near Salisbury Mills, New York State, and serves mainly for recreational purposes.

Studies showed that the dam’s current condition does not constitute an immediate hazard to human life or property, although its condition did require remedial action.

Indeed, using Corps of Engineers screening criteria, it was determined that the dam would be overtopped for all storms exceeding approximately 37% of the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF), whereas the Spillway Design Flood is considered to be 50% of the PMF.

A detailed review of remediation options was undertaken by O’Brien & Gere Engineers, on behalf of Orange County. Following this review, it was concluded that the fusegate system was the most appropriate, considering the various aspects involved, including dam safety, long-term reliability, cost and maintenance.

United States
Date of completion
on going
Increase spillway discharge capacity
Fusegate type
2.59 m
6.17 m