Canton Dam

Owner : Department of the Army - Corps of Engineers

According to Engineering Regulations, Canton Dam should be able to discharge safely the Probable Maximum Flood whereas its initial capacity only equates to 55% of this PMF.

After an initial assessment of the possible alternatives, the US Corps of Engineers shortlisted several options involving the construction of a new auxiliary spillway equipped with flap gates or fusegates (any solution with fuse plug was discarded because of serious safety and operational concerns inherent to the system).

Fusegates were finally selected as they offer a non-mechanical system that is more cost-effective in terms of construction and maintenance.

Once completed, the fusegates at Canton will be, at 9.75 m high, the tallest in the world.

United States
Date of completion
Increase spillway discharge capacity
Fusegate type
9.75 m
16.25 m