Foum El Gueiss Dam

Owner : Agence Nationale des Barrages

The Foum El Gueiss Dam, operated by the Algerian state agency, the Agence Nationale des Barrages et Transferts, irrigates the agricultural plain of Remila, 18 km to the west of Khenchela.

The reservoir had become completely silted up since its creation in 1939.

The installation of fusegates was preceded by a test campaign on a scale model in order to study the waterlines on the spillway chute.

This made it possible to increase the reservoir capacity by almost 500,000 m³ and the water level by 1 m, the height required for dredging the reservoir with a floating dredger.

As well as raising the water level, Hydroplus was tasked with recalibrating the wadi downstream of the dam and stabilizing the right bank of the reservoir using gabions.

All the raising and reinforcement work, engineering included, was completed in the space of seven months

Date of completion
Mobilizing additional storage capacity and raising the water level
Fusegate type
1.10 m
1.85 m