A Responsible social and environmental Approacch

Green technologies that protect the environment and serve people

Technologies for the Environment

Increasing the capacity of reservoir dams with Hydroplus systems makes it possible to delay the need to build new structures and thus reduces the social and environmental impact relating to the flooding of new land.

A greater protection of people and property located downstream from dams and dikes contributes to the strengthening of local economies and the safety of the population.

Hydroliennes® replenish the oxygen and destratify eutrophic water bodies: they restore life to the ecosystem.

The systems set up by Hydroplus® are independent and non-polluting, they require no energy other than the natural power of water and wind. Their manufacture is more carbon efficient than traditional solutions involving volumes of earth and concrete, or much greater quantities of metal materials.

An integrated partnership approach

The company has worldwide presence. Local businesses and communities are viewed as essential partners and are invited to participate in the construction and installation of various solutions. Our partner's staff and Owner's staff are involved and trained to the building and operation of the Hydroplus® systems.

High Environmental Quality Standards

Our commitment to quality, environment and safety is guaranteed by design and worksite methods, geared at the management of risk, quality, people and property safety, and the environment. The combined practices of Hydroplus® and their subcontractors and suppliers are endorsed by ISO 9001, ISO 14 001 and ILO-OSH certifications which recognize the company’s adherence to highest standards.

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