Ghrib Dam

Owner : Agence Nationale des Barrages

The third Algerian structure to be equipped with a system of fusegates, Ghrib is the second largest dam in service in the west of the country. Built in the 1940s, the dam consists of an embankment dike separated from its free spillway by a hill.

This imposing structure, situated 150 km to the west of Algiers, is designed to irrigate the Mitidja plain, to the east, and the plains of the upper and lower stretches of the Chelif River to the west.

The structure also contributes to securing the Algerian capital's water supply.

The Ghrib Dam is equipped with reinforced concrete fusegates and 2 metal flap gates, 15 m wide.

This combination enables efficient reservoir level control and an extended flood return period for the first fusegate rotation.

The spillway sill stabilization includes tensioned anchoring rods.

Date of completion
Increase storage capacity
Fusegate type
4.50 m
6.75 m